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Mountains are the most searched out objective to escape from real factors of life and look for cover in the lap of nature. To accomplish such harmony, Nag Tibba ends up being an appealing and most fitting trekking objective for the end of the week. The main name of this trek is “Nagg” which signifies ‘snake’ and the subsequent word is “Tibba” which alludes to ‘slope or top’ in the Garhwali tongue. 


As indicated by the old legendary story, Nag Tibba is really the blessed habitation of ‘Naag Devta’. You can generally discover the residents here who come to appeal to God for the assurance of their dairy cattle. Since Nag Tibba trek has a height of 9,915ft so the trek is quite possibly the most famous treks close to Dehradun. This trek is additionally called Serpent’s Trek and is extraordinary in light of the fact that it should even be possible during winter season while the vast majority of different treks are typically shut because of weighty snowfall. 


Nag Tibba trek starts from Dehradun or even Mussoorie in case you are wanting to partake in the reviving perspectives at “the Queen of Hills” as well. There are the absolute most wonderful perspectives from Nag Tibba like you can obviously take a gander at Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath, Kala Naag, Swargarohini, and Chanabang—all entrancing snow pinnacles of the Garhwal Himalayas. 


Nag Tibba from Delhi is just a 4 days climb which makes it the greatest end of the week trek. Alongside that, this spot offers the absolute best setting up camp areas as the path of this trek passes through thick woods and takes you to a very isolated area with no residence. 


Nag Tibba Weather 


The climate of the Nag Tibba trek generally relies on the months you visit. Nag Tibba Trek is available consistently yet as referenced before that the best and ideal opportunity to visit Nag Tibba is consistently the colder time of year season between October to March yet you can even pick different months too. So we should find exhaustively about the greatest and least of Nag Tibba Trek temperature – : 


Nag Tibba Temperature in Summers 


A cool wind will consistently be there to help you out of luck. The temperature is near 20 degrees.


Nag Tibba Temperature in Monsoons 


During July to September, the base temperature at Nag Tibba will be 3 degree Celsius while the greatest is 19 degree Celsius. Conveying rainstorm gear like waterproof shells and umbrellas are totally encouraged. 


Nag Tibba Temperature in Winters 


Out of the relative multitude of year in a year the best and ideal opportunity to visit Nag Tibba is from October to March. Anyway Nag Tibba temperature will drop around evening time and you should be extra wary. The harmony that this valley offers you alongside delightful snowfall is truly worth it’s worth. However winters are freezing and the temperature goes down to extraordinary degrees yet the isolation and quietness offered by Nag Tibba during winters are great. Conveying weighty woolen attire turns into a need. 


Nag Tibba Trek in the winter season offers you clear skies and you would have the option to discover hypnotizing perspectives on Srikanth, Gangotri, Swargarohini, Bandarpunch and Kedarnath tops. Alongside that while setting up camp at the edge of the woodland, tweeting birds and aroma of Rhododendrons would give you organization. Convey your generally agreeable and comfortable attire in case you are picking the Nag Tibba Trek in winter. 


An ideal opportunity to visit Nag Tibba is consistently the colder time of year i.e, between October to March since you will encounter the most entrancing snowfall. 


Activities in Dehradun and Mussoorie 


Since you will be going through Dehradun and Mussoorrie, you can too do some touring at this well known slope station. There are various spots that you can visit in Dehradun and Mussoorie like Sahastradhara which is ‘1,000 overlay water spring’ in Dehradun and is accepted to have therapeutic properties. Burglar’s Cave or Guchhi Pani is a renowned excursion spot for entertainment only cherishing aficionados. You ought to likewise visit the sacred Tapkeshwar Temple on the bank of Asan River which is accepted to have one of the most seasoned Shivling. 


You can even partake in the water sprinkle at much-visited Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. The most noteworthy spot in Mussoorie which is Lal Tibba is where you can partake in the all encompassing perspectives on the mountains. You should likewise respect the Kumaon and Garhwali Art and Culture at SOHAM Heritage and Art Center.


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