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Kasol offers an encounter of lavish green valleys with the rich Parvati River streaming close by like a pearl necklace. Trekkers and nature darlings from across the globe visit this spot. What’s more, shockingly a considerable lot of them decide to remain. Kheerganga trek turns out to be the most famous of treks in Parvati Valley.They get shackled to the magnificence of Kasol. The quantity of Israeli pioneers shows you the worth Kasol holds among outsiders and Indians the same. This spot is paradise. Albeit because of a court request there has been a new crackdown on the number of business camps working in Kheerganga, its prominence has barely been imprinted. 


The Tosh town, underground aquifers of Manikaran, Kheerganga, Parvati River nearly everything without exception here is loaded up with serenity.During the treks from Kasol you will see crude nature flourishing in the valley. Kasol and nearby towns like Tosh and Malana are where individuals reside regarding Nature. Nature isn’t tormented by people here, they exist together. Enjoy a reprieve away from the wrongdoings of city life and invest some energy in this valley. Various cascades, natural aquifer pools, snow covered pinnacles for what it’s worth and rich green backwoods makes Kasol kheerganga and Parvati valley a diamond of a vacation location particularly in case you are keen on experience. You will before long acknowledge how Nature can be embraced in the event that you become more acquainted with it in its valid and unique state. 


Insights regarding Kheerganga Trek 


On the off chance that God lives here, Kheerganga (Khirganga) will be his seat. This valley is the crown gem among the wide range of various treks around Kasol. Kheerganga is the most well known of Kasol treks. It’s a 7-8 hour climb to the underground aquifers situated at a stature of 2950 mts. or then again 13,000 ft. Subsequent to managing the coarse landscape, you will arrive at the natural aquifer of Kheerganga. Take a dunk in the warm water and every one of your concerns and infirmities will be washed away!The trek begins from Barshani. The genuine trek to Kheerganga begins from that point. A way wanders from Barshani towards Tosh town, 3 km from Barshaini.A day climb to Kheerganga is conceivable however not useful or fitting. Assuming you are a specialist trekker, unquestionably you can take the plunge, simply start sufficiently early. Absolute Kheerganga trek distance is 12-13 Kms paying little heed to the course you take. 


Food and Stay during Kheerganga Trek 


At Kasol you will discover a road dabbed with eateries serving unfamiliar cooking styles, the greater part of them will be Israeli. The expanding number of vacationers from Israel is the genuine explanation for the fame of Israeli cooking. You could likewise discover German and Chinese cafés. Be fearless and have your morning meal from Israel, lunch from Germany and supper from China! You will love it.Put on your coat, venture into your trekking shoe, get that trekking post and start your excursion through the valley where God himself finds it hard to leave. 


Best Time for Kheerganga Trek 


Aside from a few weeks of pinnacle winter season, Kheerganga is available the majority of the year. During storms, Kheerganga trek becomes troublesome. Still the path stays open to experienced trekkers.Best time for the trek is April to November where total greatest months are April/May and September/October. 


Is Kheerganga trek open at this point? 


There have been a few questions on Kheerganga trek being functional or not after the public authority request. The trek is particularly functional and not restricted. Indeed, short-term setting up camp at Kheerganga isn’t offered by most administrators now and Rurdranag close to Kheerganga goes about as an overnight campground. There has been no effect on the magnificence or experience of this trek. You actually visit Kheerganga despite its daily climb. Setting up camp experience is likewise as yet unchanged among flawless normal excellence under the stars in Himalayas.Trek stay functional in December and January additionally now since setting up camp isn’t going on in Kheerganga now. On day climb trekking is done to Kheerganga and on the off chance that climate conditions are exceptionally terrible, it never really points where it’s conceivable. 


Things to Carry 


Kheerganga can be cold in any event, during mid year months you should convey comfortable apparel in your knapsack. Additionally convey a raincoat or a waterproof shell during and close to the rainstorm season. You can likewise convey it in different seasons as it is in every case great to convey downpour security – no one can tell when it might rain in the mountains. You can likewise convey warm inners, additional sets of socks, cold cream, lip medicine and sun security. Headlamp or a light is consistently convenient. A cap or cap is an absolute necessity to have in your backpack as it can get very radiant on the trail.Track pants are in every case much more agreeable than pants. Albeit the actual trek is simple you actually need trekking shoes as a large portion of the path is rough.


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